A.J. Walker


Over A Month

Shockingly, for me, it has been over a month since I wrote a blog - I usually write between 5-8 a month. The thing is it seems I wrote the last one a few days ago. I mean, it was before my birthday, for crying out loud. Time has just been playing the strangest tricks. I've really just been working throughout this period, with a bit of reading, a little writing, catching some footy on the TV, and less guitar than there should have been.

The highlight of the last week was the surprise return of the (Zoom) Open Mic last Saturday - I only found out about it on the day. There were only six of us online for it but it was great to be back. Social interaction with a few mates and a bit of singing - with a glass of beer - it was ace.

Anyway, there will be more blogging from this point on. I may even put it in my diary to ensure even these horrendous time slips don't stop me again. See you soon.
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