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Project 2

Writing and Writing

Performance Monitoring - It's Not Good News

I'm behind, I am. Tick tock. The plan is there to motivate, surely. Tick tock. Or else it is
there to measure failure. Arghhhhhh!

I should be three or four stories into
Project 1 - and Project 2 should be properly started. Shouldn't it?

Well. Well...

Okay, I'm behind. But it's catch-up-able.
Blasted out a quick 500 words on Story 2 of Project 1 this morning. Will print out the thing and see how much work it needs (and if it's any good yet). Then hopefully complete by say... Monday? Then I can get onto Story 3. Again.

Still, 500 words is better than none. Right?
Hell yeah!

And I may get a few more done later on Story 2 and Story 3 as it stands (or at least some notes on where to go with it).

Dang! I just thought of a decent idea for a book - or at least the structure of one - maybe add that to the list for Project 4. My god, stop it already and finish one of the others first. And lord, look I'm talking to myself. Indeed shouting to myself (in a quiet inwardly no-one else would notice kind of way). Arghhhhhhh!

Of course there's the
Angry Hourglass challenge going live later. The decision will be whether to write 300 words or so on that today or tomorrow or use that time on one of these stories or Projects. Decisions. Maybe I'll just see what the prompt is before calling that one.

IMG_4884 2

Hope to do a little on
Project 2 later whilst on the move. That'll be a worthwhile investment of time.

My only other writing this week (other than a couple of blog updates) has been a
job application; now that is definitely a worthwhile investment of my time!

Come on AJ. Get with the Plan. Keep writing. And writing. And tick some of these little buggers off the list...