A.J. Walker


Steps Stopped

Today was my last day wearing my Fitbit, so you won't be seeing anymore pointless Tweets saying how many steps @zevonesque did yesterday (it was 14,644 steps today).

I found the data from the Fitbit itself (an Alta) quite interesting. Basically it showed that nine times out of ten on a working day I well exceeded the standard 10k steps 'recommended' - and 'achieved' a maximum somewhere over 20k. On days off it was hit and miss whether I hit the 10k or not.

Basically it measured what I was doing anyway, but I wasn't using it as a motivational tool - it wasn't changing what I was doing. To that end I am going to go totally old school and return to wearing an analogue watch. I'll still be able to tell the time but I won't have a record of how many steps I've made and I won't have to charge the damn thing.

So what have I learnt: I know the above. On average I walk between 150 and 190 miles a month or 11-12k steps/day. Apparently I have walked further than the equivalent of the length of Italy. As I haven't used the Fitbit to change what I do then I'll still be doing that anyway. Whoopee Do! (sarcastic)

I've already deauthorised the device from my Fitbit account and the Alta is moving on to a new home tomorrow. Hopefully it will prove useful, or at least interesting, to the new owner.

Fairwell Alta. It's been mildly interesting.

And I would walk 170 Miles...

Been wearing my Fitbit Alta for one month now and according to the clever little bugger I've walked some 367,000 steps in that time, equating to 170 miles. There's only been one day I've not worn it.


The days off I walk less than the work days and over the month I exceeded the standard 10k steps aim on 23 days (all the work days). The 10k steps is approximately 5 miles apparently and is 4 x more than an average American walks in a day; lazy bastards.

Meanwhile the sleep monitoring shows it is a little wayward and variable (or all over the place). This I knew anyway, c'est la vie.