A.J. Walker


New Writings, Old Problems

For too long I’ve not been in the habit of writing. I’ve just been dipping in and out of it haphazardly. Hell, even the blogs on the site seem to be influenced by rare freak weather events from the Sahara. I know I really need to get in the groove for it as it’ll be impossible to finish any longer form pieces if it’s not more formalised into my week. And I really do want to finish at least one novel, preferably starting with at least one of the two I’ve started and got quite far along with.

To that end I’ve got a couple of new writing projects on the go (short stories with my own derived prompts). There’s a possibility I suppose they may turn into something in themselves, even if it’s just a few stories posted on here. But really the main point is to get myself into the
habit of writing regularly and stretching my head with some random ideas. I’ll keep you posted as to whether this works and if it does lets see what comes out of it. Both in terms of the short stories and whether it gets me finishing off a novel or two.

Onwards and Upwards. Predictably and planned (or more likely pantsed).

Upcoming Gigs

Looking forward to next weekend when I’ll get to see the fabulous Lottery Winners on Saturday at Blackpool Tower. Last time I went there for a gig it was for Radiohead. Very different music of course but both brilliant bands. And this week during a sleepless night I booked my accommodation not far down the road which looks pretty good. Whilst I couldn’t sleep I was looking up Frank Turner gigs hoping I’d just missed an announcement of a tour 'cos it seems like forever since I’ve seen him (it was 14 months ago in Wolverhampton, where he was supported by the Lottery Winners).


Anyway he’s playing tours all over one continent and another but no UK tour just a few festivals. Not having a car to go to a festival and with the way my knees are at the moment I’m a bit unsure about going to a festival. But there was one gig that stood out where Frank Turner is playing in Cleethorpes at Meridian in an event called Docksfest. Somehow he’s not heading the bill, which is scandalous, however the primary thing he IS playing—he’s either second or third on the bill with Razorlight, Feeder, and the Lottery Winners! It’s a one day event, so just a train and a B&B then (and unfortunately overpriced crap beer). Probably end up with a place to stay in Grimsby. The main thing is I’ll be getting to see Frank do his stuff once again and with his buddies on the same bill too. Top. Bring it on!


The Richmond - A New Open Mic

On Thursday it was the inaugural open mic at the Richmond pub in Liverpool city centre hosted by Muzz (Seafoam Green). The OM is planned to take place every Thursday co-hosted by Muzz and Jamie Roberts. She had messaged me earlier in the week asking if I was going to come along and I indicated that ‘I may do’. In the event after a bit of umming and ahhing I went for a couple of pints down the Neptune Beerhouse first where I drank slowly, which made the 'strumming Andy' more likely (if I’d knocked back a few in short order the usual result is a fair few missing lines and maybe entire verses and choruses).


The event was advertised as an 8pm start and I got there about 8:15 or so. There was a guy playing who I’d seen before, probably at the Dispensary OM, and Muzz asked me using long distance sign language from across the pub if I was going to play, which I nodded in answer. Another couple of people went up first playing a few well received singalong choruses (it was Oasis) and then I went up and played four of my usual tracks: ‘Sweet Carolina,’ ‘Couldn’t Get Arrested,’ Whiskey in my Whiskey’ and ‘Heart Breaks Like the Dawn.’ Went down pretty well to me and I think the people there—even if the only singing along would be as ever the lines ‘You couldn’t get arrested if you tried’ and ‘I put some whiskey into my whiskey.’ I’m not really a singalong singer am I?


I chatted to a Canadian bloke who had only been in town for a few hours and said he was made up to hear some live singing (and didn’t want to hear any more Beatles covers having already walked through Mathew Street). He said he enjoyed my ‘folk’ music. Which gosh dang I will take from a Canadian. Maybe next time I should throw in some Decemberists or Neil Young.

Glad I went along and joined in. Oh, and for my trouble I got a wee glass of Bells. Maybe I should have asked for some more. You know how it goes:
I put some