A.J. Walker


Day Seven: Bitty By Bit

Day Seven has proved a bit bitty. I completed Chapter one... ish. I'm not sure about the end of it. But it's done for now. It'll not be revisited for a month I dare say. And that was another 900 words or so.

I then uploaded a photograph of me to go on the NaNoWriMo page, as I felt obliged with my flashdog NaNo buddies all having photos up already. All three are veterans so they may have been up for years - so I felt it was appropriate to put an old pic of me up.

And then I sketched a quick cover for it. Yes, I have a cover. I thought it'd be nice to have something up there even if it's a *ahem* bit basic. So here it is. 'Fergie Time: the cover'. Take 1.

Fergie Time 200

Later I went back to the writing and wrote another 900+ words for Chapter 4: 'A Winger and a Prayer'

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Would be nice to get a couple of days above 2000 down this week - particularly as I know I'll be doing little or no writing this coming Saturday and Sunday. Eek!


WC: 1910
WC total: 12,932