A.J. Walker


To go with the more broad maps showing most of Liverpool's ale hostelries are some suggested pub crawl maps of Liverpool. If you were visiting Liverpool on multiple occasions I'd suggest looking at the pubs in and around round Hardman Street (or basically the area around the bombed out church and up to the Philharmonic Hall) on one day and then those around Dale Street on another day. I have also put together a single map showing a crawl for one day. By necessity over such a short time there would be a bit more walking (or maybe taxiing) if you were to attempt this – though more likely you'd probably choose to drop one or two from the list (nine pubs is a wee bit heavy anyway).

Liverpool Crawl Map 1-600
Liverpool Pub Crawl - Map 1 of 2

Liverpool Crawl 2 (600)
Liverpool Pub Crawl - Map 2 of 2

One Day In Liverpool (600)
Liverpool Pub Crawl - A Big One Dayer…

Note that there is another Grapes on Mathew Street which is an altogether different proposition than the one on Roscoe Street. Remember that if you are asking directions from locals who may be more likely to send you there - or if you're getting in a taxi!

These are only guides and you'll of course end up missing some good pubs out if you only went to these. Mix and match and go with the flow. I've included one or two I don't get into regularly, like the Philharmonic; but it is a famous landmark and a fabulous building so I had to include it for visitors to the city. We are so lucky to have great buildings throughout the city centre and it would be remiss of me to avoid it. Then there's the essentials for good beer, vibe and welcomes like the Grapes, Roscoe Head, Bridewell and the Lion. You really can't go wrong. If you are new to the city I hope you find one or two of the maps a useful guide for your time here. Now go out and enjoy some of the great pubs the city has to offer. You won't regret it.