A.J. Walker



Some Writing

It's been a while since I've been featured in an anthology - or even submitted for one (those two facts may be kinda related). The last books I featured in were back in 2019 which seems a lifetime ago but at the same time doesn't sound that long. Have recently written a story for an upcoming anthology which I've been told has been accepted. It'll be the 17th book I've featured in, which sounds mighty impressive - kind of.

Of course I've still got to finish the damn novel. It is nice to get that short story done (and I may be doing one for another anthology too) but ultimately I need to finish the novel this year. I had aimed to write it in NaNoWriMo month (i.e. this month) but working on the short stories have got a little in the way. We'll see how much I can manage of it later on down the road.

Onwards and Upwards.