A.J. Walker


No Gym, No Problem

This last few short months I've lost a fair bit of weight and got a lot fitter. Don't know how much as I never weigh myself. But I can see it and so can others who haven't seen me for a while. It's not been a conscious thing I've tried to do at all, but been through starting a new job. It involves me cycling the six miles to work – not everyday but a couple of times a week – and during the day moving beer casks around which weigh up to 50 kilos each when full. Before I started I wondered if I could do it, now it is easy and I wonder what I worried about. Moving up to 20 casks around involves multiple repetitions, in and out and up and down. I've basically accidentally joined a gym.

If I didn't have the job I wouldn't have realised that with a relatively few changes I could get quite a bit fitter. Without the job the aerobic thing (cycling) would be easy to continue with whenever. Not sure how I'd replace the weight lifting part of the day, But I know it would be well useful to carry on with. I'm pretty sure I'd never join a gym, I'm just not the kind of person who would enjoy it. Perhaps I'd just have to keep a full cask of beer on hand to carry around a few times a day. It'd work.

Not sure if I'll continue to loose weight now or whether I've hit a plateau. I'd be happy either way. At some point in the coming months I may get a car or a motorbike for commuting (not sure), but even if I do then I will continue to go cycling. It's fun and easy and gets you to nice places (though they'll be nicer in the spring and summer than they are at the moment).
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