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FlashFeeding but Not Pasting

Liking the FlashFeed for this week (no.1.20)

1. 2. 3. Jump!

I've alway fancied skydiving. A bit weird as I am often not good at heights (not sure why sometimes I'm okay and other times I'm not - a part time phobia). Looking at this photo my first thought is... what if my boot fell off? And oh! great selfie opportunity. Oh, bugger I've dropped me phone.

Good to see that there are already six stories up there from some of the usual suspects. Click on the photo above and check them out over on the Flash Dogs website and then write your own story. Now sure where am I going to take this one? 1.. 2... 3....

First though I've got to cure my Mac. The Cut and Paste has stopped working (a dodgy 'clipboard' I suspect). It's amazing how much cut and paste you do when you blog and twitter. Not being able to is equivalent to a broken arm. Probably.

but not cut & pasting.
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