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FlashFeed Fed

Wrote a story for FlashFeed1.20 and have submitted it. Not showing up there yet so assume it's under 'moderation'.

Moderation is crucial of course. As most my submissions these days are on other sites I don't have to moderate on my website so much. In fact last week I had a comment to moderate, which was shockingly rare. Back in the day when I wrote for the Visdare prompt the submissions were written on your own site and that meant the comments back would be too. The good thing about that used to be making the website dynamic, but of course sometimes if you're away from your computer - god forbid - then it can take a while to get the comments up. Of course that is better than not moderating and risking all sorts appearing on the website.


Anyway, gotta disappear for a bit. I think there may be another blog later or tomorrow.

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