A.J. Walker


Nice Crawl Across Liverpool

Very nice crawl with my work colleagues yesterday. It was good to get around Liverpool with such nice people and have some nice beers and bump into people. It was nice to see that it was really quite busy everywhere we went too. We couldn't even get in the Roscoe Head because it was too busy to get in. It was unfortunate that we couldn't get in, but it is good to see that it was busy after Liverpool seeming so quiet over the last few weeks.

Team Crawl 1
The Angus and Doctor Duncan's

Team Crawl 2
Head of Steam and Keystone

In all the team photos I seem to be laughing which is nice to see too. Think it was largely due to the struggles of the person taking the photo every time. Thanks to all the staff who hosted us and kept us supplied with beers yesterday.

Team Crawl3
The Grapes and Coach House

Team Crawl 4
The Belvedere

Fab to get out and support our great local pubs. Shout out to the Angus, Dr Duncan's, Head of Steam, Coach House, Keystone, Belvedere and the Grapes (and to the Roscoe Head even though we couldn't get in this time!).
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