A.J. Walker


VSS365: The Anthology (Volume 1)

Today is the publication day for the first ever VSS365 anthology. Huzzah! And I've already bought and downloaded the book on to my Paperwhite as I am sure many VSS365ers have.


Congratulations to Mark and the VSS365 Ambassadors for their work in getting this done. It's been turned around in super quick time, especially considering how many people they had to deal with in proofing the pieces. Great to be featured in it, within the bonus section, and there's a nice shout out for the Seedling Challenge too. Thanks.

It's the sixteenth book that I've featured in which is nice. I know that for many of the contributors in this anthology this will be their first time in print. It will no doubt be a great feeling for them and I am sure it will give some new writers the confidence to write more AND put themselves out there for more opportunities. Go get 'em folks! Onwards and upwards.

If you haven't got it yet, click on the book and follow the link to Amazon for your copy. All proceeds to charity (The Book Bus) to give you a bonus warm fuzzy feeling included in the price.
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