A.J. Walker


The Partial Demise of Zevonesque

Had a decision to make for a while, whether to keep zevonesque.com and awalker.org or get rid of one (clearly I need to keep one, duh!).

I had the Zevonesque site for many years, whilst the awalker site I got when I worked for myself for a couple of years. Whilst I don't need it for work at the moment I may as well keep it for writing as it's got my name in it (shame AJWalker was unavailable). The alternative would be to change my pen name to Zevonesque, which I've decided against.

The first item on the menu was 'Real Ale Walks' which I don't have on this site, but I have my other Twitter account and Wordpress site 'RealeLiverpool' for that side. Other than that it held the same things that are on this site.


Over the last couple of years I've only been updating this site and whilst I could keep both - maybe making zevonesque for ale or non-writing blogs - there is a cost implication which I can't really justify. So it is with a slightly heavy heart I have to say farewell to zevonesque.com

Of course Zevonesque will not die quite yet, Twitter will still be awash with it or to put it another way;

Zevonesque is dead, Long Live Zevonesque!

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