A.J. Walker


It's Christmas!

It's not of course. But working for a company that provides for businesses over the important Christmas period December is not the time to go out. So in common with most of hospitality we are having our Christmas day out in January. The guys & gals from Neptune Brewery are going around Liverpool to a selection of the pubs that just happen to take some of our beer – so we know they are all classy. We'll be popping into a great selection including the Angus, Doctor Duncans, Head of Steam, Roscoe Head, Belvedere, Grapes and the Keystone. I may try and get a quick one in the Coach House too (maybe while the others go and eat somewhere?). So I'll not be adding to my list of new pubs for the year. Indeed I've probably been in most these places multiple times already.

Should be a good day out.

Happy Christmas folks!
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