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Close: But Not Quite A Cigar

Not done as well with my walking over the last two weeks. My aim for 8k/day (56k/week) has not been achieved over this fortnight.

Last week (ending 22/8) I hit c.53k steps.

Week’s details:
Distance: 24.7 miles
Steps 52.9k
Average Daily Distance: 3.5 miles
Average Steps: 7.5k

This week has been quite similar. That’s partly been due to some constraints from dealing with personal things like the sale of our parent’s house and whatnot that have stopped some of the walking.

This week’s details (w/e 29/8):
Distance: 25.6 miles
Steps 54.9k
Average Daily Distance: 3.6 miles
Average Steps: 7.8k

Okay, the last two weeks have not quite been up to the average I have wanted but then again it is all a question of perspective. If I step back and look at the entire month of August then I hit a quarter of a million steps for the month (117 miles). That sounds quite good all things considered. It also equates to 8.4k steps per day which is above what I aimed for: and is more than I achieved in May, June or July.

So you know it still is: Onwards and Upwards (and Alongwards).
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