A.J. Walker


A Short Story with Giants

As per last week's post I do aim to put at least a couple of old flash stories up here every week for a few months, to give an old story a new home - and who knows maybe a new lease of life. I well remember writing this story which I enjoyed very much. This one along with several other other I wrote about this time deals with fairy tale creatures in this case giants. I've several others, either from traditional folk stories or made up entirely. It has been a long while since I've written mythical/folk stories. I don't think it will be that long until I do so again.

The story is called '
An Ocean Apart (the Giant's Lament)', which is at the upper word count range for most my flash pieces - at a bit over 700 words. Like the previously posted oldie 'Dogs and Lust' it was written for a Mid Week Blues Buster challenge (hosted by Jeff Tsuruoka). The MWBB challenges stopped back in 2016. This story is from August 2013.
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