A.J. Walker


With 'DeadCades' now out there are now fourteen books featuring works by A.J. Walker.
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The Infernal Clock: 'DeadCades'
October 2018

The third and final in this series of anthologies curated by Stephanie Ellis & David Shakes. Fifteen horror stories from fifteen authors spread across the decades from the 1880s to the 2020s and fifteen accompanying drabbles.

With great artwork once again from Tim Youster.
The Infernal Clock: 'Calendark'
December 2017

The second in the series of anthologies curated by Stephanie Ellis & David Shakes. Sixteen horror stories from fifteen authors.
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'The Infernal Clock' - April 2017

It's a belter.

Twenty four stories set across the hours of that damn infernal clock created by David Shakes and Stephanie Ellis.
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'Twisted Tax Tales' - March 2017

A compilation of the shortlisted stories for the competition run in 2016 by STP in Australia.
'Weird Ales' - May 2016

I wrote the Introduction to this fabulous book edited by Theresa Derwin. Great horror and fantasy tales about beer, cider and most bizarre drinks in wonderful places.
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'All Things Considered' - April 2016

The Poised Pen writing group have produced four paperback this being their most recent.
'Time: Past | Present | Future' - February 2016

The third and (currently) last of the Flash Dogs Anthology.

I've been published in all the Flash Dogs anthology. And am immensely proud of that. A most talented bunch of flashers.
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'Light Lines' - October 2015

'Light Lines' is the anthology of a year in the life of Three Line Thursday, Grace Black's weekly online challenge. The book contains all the winners.
'Solstice:Light' - May 2015

Part 2 (Light) of the second of the Flash Dogs Anthologies.
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'Solstice:Dark' - May 2015

Part 1 (Dark) of the second of the Flash Dogs Anthologies.
'Five Hundred Words of Magic' -January 2015

A book with 500 word stories from an online competition based on writing stories suggested by photographic prompts. Some lovely stuff.
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'Frightening Flash Fiction - Competition Anthology' - December 2014

Anthology of the Halloween big prize competition run by Poised Pen.
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'Flash Dogs: An Anthology' - December 2014

The FlashDogs formed spontaneously on Twitter after some strange incantations breathed simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic. The spell has yet to be broken.
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'Half Baked' - May 2014

Poised Pen Anthology No.3

The third anthology of Liverpool's Poised Pen writing group. Short stories, flash fiction, poetry, a little bit of everything.