A.J. Walker


Seedling Challenge #4

This week's #VSS365 prompts from the Mighty Unk have been fab. The seven words were:

  • close
  • convict
  • deliberate
  • desert
  • object
  • bougie
  • rando

If you've been doing VSS365 this week where have these words taken you? Post your story (up to 365 words excluding your title) below - or post a link to it if you've put it on your own site. You don't need to include your original VSS tweet as written within the text of the story (though feel free to), just use it as the seed for your imagination - take your tweet for a walk.

If you haven't had a chance to do VSS this week then you could write a few tweet length lines using the prompts above then pick your favourite.

Give it a go and see where your words take you. You'll find the 365 words can take you a surprising long way. Looking forward to reading your stories. If you read the others up here (even if you're not posting your own story) feel free to comment about the ones that are up there. Us writerers like a wee bit of feedback.

Please include within the post your: Twitter Name, Word Count and Title (if you have one). Check out the background to the challenge if you need a bit more background.

Note: Please note that the site is moderated to begin with so your story will not show on the site immediately on your posting until I've had a chance to moderate it. Apologies if it takes a while to show (e.g. I'm working on Saturday), but all things being equal it will go up later in the day. Be patient. If you've posted on previous weeks I should have now put you down as 'Trusted User' and in that case your post will go up straight away without help from me.
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